When Animals Dress Better Than You: The Top Sites Featuring Animals Dressed in Human Clothing

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Wednesday, February 6th 2013

Thanks to the internet, we've all seen our fair share of cute little animals dressed up in cute little outfits thereby multiplying their allure to new levels of meme-dom.  I suppose my first recognition of the dressed animal meme came a few years back when I saw my friend Craig Wheat's Hipster Kitty explode on the internet. Ever since, I often find myself distracted by a good tumblr feed of well dressed animals.  Here are a few places you can do the same:

Although Menswear Dog is very new, it is by far my favorite place to go and waste time. He also has great outfit ideas if you need one.

For more species variety, head over to Well Dressed Animals.  Although the fashion sense is lacking compared to Menswear Dog, they have more content.

And last but not least... If you prefer an analog form of getting your anthropomorphic animal fix, check out Fashion Cats. Judging by the URL, this may be a joke from VICE.  You can buy it on Amazon though so it's got to be real... Right?


The Vine

Farret in a hoodie

Animals dressed as Humans


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